All in a day’s work…………..

Lately I  have been unmotivated, overwhelmed and highly strung to say the least. There has been so much going on in mine and the girls life I was honestly starting to wonder when I would get a break….

I had these beautiful oils but I wasn’t really using them, what I mean is I was diffusing them, but I wasn’t really getting the most out of them. So I set off on a search for some basic recipes.

First stop was a bathroom cleaner – I’m not one to buy cleaners, I think my Nan put me off she has an amazing collection and has now gone back to basics.


Nan’s old cleaning supplies


I found a recipe that called for very few ingredients just vinegar, water and Essential Oils I chose Lemon, Tea Tree, Protecting Blend and Clove Oil. Just spray leave for half an hour, scrub and rinse. I hate cleaning yet I found this so easy to do and let’s not forget the cost savings.

A days work


I’ll pop the recipes up for all the additional products soon.

After I’ve cleaned the bathroom again (gastro has hit argh)

What are your favourite recipes?


Mumma K xo




Mattress Spring Cleaning

Ok not exactly spring cleaning, but whilst I was researching how to get rid off the nasty headlice, I discovered that not only should we rotate our mattresses but they also need regular cleaning.



1 cup of baking soda, 4-5 drops of essential oil – I used the Protective Blend, Eucalyptus and Lavender (I also used 2 cups of baking soda). Pop it into a jar, I had pre-drilled little holes in the metal lid.

Sprinkle over the mattress and leave for 2 hours before vacuuming up. This leave the mattress fresh and clean.

I love that this recipe is so easy to do and I can leave the jar in my laundry and use when changing the sheets.


Happy Cleaning,


Mumma K x

Washing is fun…….. almost

As a mum of four girls, I feel like I spend the majority either washing or re-washing clothes ( I am notoriously bad at forgetting to take the washing out of the machine ), now this can be an expensive bad habit as laundry detergent isn’t cheap these days – well until now.

Introducing my favourite kind of nuts………….. I seriously love these nuts (Soap nuts).

I buy them in bulk from the Wasteless Pantry in Mundaring it is around $38.00/kg (now this sounds like a lot I know but it’s not) .


All you need is 4 of these cracked open and placed into either a small calico bag or an odd sock (this is a great way to use up all those odd socks). I add a couple of drops of my favourite essential oils and put in with my washing. These nuts will do between 4-6 loads of washing just adding oils each time which is great because I get to change depending on the load and my mood.




Time to put another load on..


Mumma K  x




Dryer Balls

As the cooler weather approaches I find I am using my dryer more and more, and after replacing my laundry detergent  with soap nuts I wanted to replace  my dryer sheets.

After some investigating on google I found I could buy them for around $33.00 for 3, now as a mum on a budget that wasn’t really feasible. Pinterest to rescue I found the solution.

Lucky for me  I had a voucher to use at my local spotlight store. I purchased 6 balls of wool in different colours each ball cost approximately $3.50 and made a tennis size ball. Once each ball was wound I placed it into a stocking (as a dance mum I have heaps of old stocking just waiting for a new use).



I don’t  normally wash my clothes in hot water so I decided to hand wash in hot water with soap nuts, rinse in cold and dry on hot. 2 of the 6 balls felted really well the first time, whilst the other 4  took a few extra washes and dries.

To give my clothes a fresher smell I add a few drops of essential oils to each ball before I put in the dryer. The great think about these is I can choose whatever oil my heart desires (or I have on hand) to freshen up the clothes, a few of my favourites are  lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and refreshing blend.



Now to find some easier ways to clean the  house.


Mumma K  x

Toilet Bombs

I hate cleaning the toilet – so anything that can clean it without me using a brush is like winning the lottery. I searched Pinterest and came across a recipe and decided to give  it a try.

The recipe is as follows

1 1/3 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

20 drops Lemon

20 drops Protective Blend

10 drops  Eucalyptus


Combine baking soda and citric acid together. Add oils and continue to stir. Lightly spray with water – place in moulds. I used my Tupperware ice cube trays. Allow to dry overnight. Store in a glass jar.

Add 1 toilet bomb to the  toilet bowl and allow  to dissolve.



This recipe  worked a treat, so much so I made some as a gift for my bachelor friends. I would love to hear how  you found it.


Mumma K x