Time out…………….

Taking time out for oneself, what does that really mean????

Last year I got sick, it started with just a cold, fast forward three months and I was finally able to hear again (as a Mumma this is both a blessing and a curse), my sinuses were clearing and the chest was clear. What scared me the most was when my GP (yes I still use Western medicine in conjunction with my oils) told me  that she wanted to admit me to hospital – umm sorry but I’m a single Mumma of four girls, so that wasn’t going to happen. It’s at this point I realised I needed to start making time for me too. Since I had become a single mumma when my youngest was 10 weeks old, it had always been about the girls and their needs/wants.

As a parent, it is instinct to always protect and put the needs of your children before everything else. I used to think it was selfish to do anything just for me when I had the girls to take care of.  I now know that it’s important to take care of my needs too, whether that be just taking time to reconnect with friends, taking up a hobby or even just giving myself 10 minutes on my own each day.

Now I hear you ask how do I get 10 minutes to myself each day, when there is a mountain of chores to be done?

The best way I found to get 10 minutes to myself is to run a bath, I add my favourite oils in and a handful of epsom salts before climbing in, I’m lucky my girls now know that when I’m in the bath it’s my time and that unless the house is on fire or someone is injured we don’t interrupt Mumma. The best thing about the bath is that with the oils I can relax, close my eyes and soak away the tension. Depending on the day I might add the Calming Blend, Grounding Blend, Spa Blend or if I’m feeling really worked up I’ll add some Vetiver. I have to admit though I probably spend longer than 10 minutes soaking.

My other favourite way to get some me time is with the Verage range. Up until recently I never had a skin care routine that I stuck to, I would use moisturisers in frequently and as for toning yeah I don’t think I’ve used one since I was a teen. But with a significant birthday approaching as the girls like to remind me frequently, my skin was starting to look old and weathered and lets not mention the lines and crevices on my face that would put the Grand Canyon to shame. I had been using the Salubelle blend on my face and noticed that the lines were not as deep anymore, so I decided to order the Verage kit (cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser) on my monthly order. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I love the way it feels on my skin and it feels good to just spend some time doing something just for me.

The other thing I was introduced to was meditation, I’d mentioned to one of the girls dance teachers (she is doing her masters in psychology) that I was struggling with behaviours, she suggested that I download a free app called Smiling Minds. It is fantastic it has a range of meditations depending on age and time. I’ve since put it on the girls phone so they can use when they wish to.

So whether it’s taking up a new hobby, completing study (I’ve recently gone back to study), exercise or meditation whatever it is remember to take time for you.


One of my favourite places to just go and take it all in


Taking things for granted……….

In a world that moves so quickly it is easy to take things for granted, I know I am guilty of this.

I can find myself wishing my girls wouldn’t be so expressive (I’m talking the drawing on the walls etc), yet I should really be embracing their creativity and giving them more paper, but at the end of the day they won’t always be here, under my feet arguing with each other. There will come a time when they move away from the nest and start their own journey and family. So whilst I may still get frustrated, I am taking the time to appreciate the joy and experiences they bring. As I am writing this Miss E has crashed on the couch, but not before she pulled the clean washing apart to make blankets for her teddies, I could honestly watch her sleep for hours, she is so still, peaceful.

It’s not only people we can take for granted, but our surroundings. I’ve lived in my house for over 16 years now and I pass the same paddocks a couple of times a day, each time thinking I must take a photo. Well the other day after coming home from a workshop that I was asked to run for my amazing mentor, I was driving past the paddocks the sun was getting lower and all the cattle were up by the fence, close to the road. I turned around parked up (I should’ve avoided the ants nests), grabbed my phone and approached the fence. Whilst the world buzzed by, I was lost for 5 minutes I relaxed in the company of this magnificent beast. As these paddocks are set to be sub-divided into small housing lots I know I have to not take these moments for granted.



I wanted to search for a blend that embodied the feeling of ” Counting my Blessings ”

As usual I found inspiration on the Food Alchemy page. This beautiful blend has been diffusing happily for the past 2 days.


What do you take for granted?


Mumma K x

New Year, New Beginnings………

This post is a little late as my delightful children decided that my beloved MacBook would like a drink of milk.

And whilst I may have initially may have cursed and then inhaled the bottle of Grounding Blend, it really was a blessing in disguise. It has forced me to remember I need to back things up but also I need to declutter not only the house but my mind, which is why for most of December and January I have had limited internet access.

It was also a great to take time to sit-back and reflect on the year that was and to map out the year to come. There are a few challenges in this year ahead and it’s still one step at a time. This year I’ve decided to focus on sharing my love of the oils more frequently and consistently. I’ve also started to meditate more consistently to help relax and clear the mind, thanks to Adam from Crystal Connections I’m discovering how crystals can help with my overall health and well being.


Starting to journal regularly so at the end of the year I can reflect on how far I have come in my journey

This year also sees the launch of the new logo for Mumma’s Essentials (but that is a whole other post).

I hope 2017 brings you all that you desire.



Mumma K x

When a fairy gives you a kick up the butt…..

A little while ago an event was announced that had a speaker on the line up I was dying (not literally) to see. Before I had a chance to book my own fairy godmother had sent me a message to say that – I was going and she would look after my girls.

Fast forward to yesterday…….

The line up was fantastic we had Michelle Wragg, Kirsten Thrush the team from Journey to Great (seriously go and check out there page on Facebook, I’m already planning on getting to a few of their classes), Darryl Cooke, Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens (from Food Alchemy) and the fairy queen herself Jessie Reimers.

I took so much away from all the speakers but it was Jessie who struck a chord with me, perhaps it was the way the message was delivered or perhaps it was because like myself Jessie was a single mum and has struggled with self belief.

My biggest takeaways from Jessie were ” Get over yourself and share the oils ” and ” Procrastination is not laziness, it is fear ”

If you are umming and ahhing about getting to an event like this, I highly recommend it, not everyone may resonate with you, but those that do will do so in a big way.

I’m off to do some work on my self believe and map a plan of what I want to achieve. My why is sorted – it is and always will be my girls but even that can use some definition. Jessie recorded her session yesterday so head on over to her Facebook page to check it out.
Mumma K xo

Those WOW moments………..

A year after I was introduced to doTERRA, I still experience those wow moments………

At 3am this morning I woke with the worst stomach cramps, the monthly curse or whatever you want to call it I felt like my ovaries were going to explode the pain was intense (my pain threshold isn’t high), radiating all the way to my lower back. I eventually got up and applied the Women’s Monthly Blend to my tummy and back – finally relief.

45 minutes later and my youngest child woke crying -she had been stung by a bee and scraped her knee a quick rummage through my girls first aid kit saw me applying Lavender to her foot and spine, Owie Blend (Lavender, Tea Tree and Fractionated Coconut Oil) applied to her knee – a pat on her back and stroking her hair for 5 minutes she rolled over and went to sleep.

Now since I have had 4 hours sleep (I don’t cope well with no sleep – in fact I’m down right grumpy). I will have a coffee today, but what I will also do is use my oils to keep me alert and focused – in particular Peppermint and some citrus blends to keep me uplifted.


What has been your WOW moment when using essential oils?




Mumma K xo

Mumma’s, Multi-tasking and Motivation……..

Yesterday I caught up with two of my Mumma friends to chat about oils, make plans and set goals………..

Over cups of coffee and vegemite toast we collaborated and motivated each other not just about plans for sharing our love for the oils, but how we could use them more in our everyday life. It began with our beautiful Comforting Blend in the diffuser to provide some extra support, then opening and discussing different oils. For me  personally I was excited to smell Tangerine and Cumin (both available in the Summer Scents kit), Tangerine was so light and refreshing and reminded me of warm summer nights, whilst Cumin was so powerful it brought memories of a very dear Indian lady Mumma P who I used to work with and made the most amazing food, I was immediately transported back to all the delights she would cook for me (especially when I was pregnant with my last baby). As we opened the different oils each one of us mentioned how we were or could be using it, making them extremely versatile.

As we discussed workshops we wanted to run, we discussed what would need to happen for that to occur – I needed to not only de-clutter my house but my mind, I need to let go of things that no longer serve me. With that in mind today my printer is running overtime whilst the washing machine does its thing, the diffuser is pumping out the absolutely divine Encouraging Blend. I now have a clear goal of what I want to achieve and what it is going to take to get there.


 Encouraging Blend


What are you goals? How are you going to make it happen?


Mumma K xo


Halloween and the mother of all meltdowns……………

It’s Halloween and my eldest had been invited to go Trick or Treating with friends, for several reasons she wasn’t allowed to go, she was aware of this before I picked her up from school this afternoon, yet she still tried to convince me to let her go and when she was told no…………… Let’s just say I honestly wished the ground would just open up and swallow me whole, there was hysterical crying.

No amount of explaining was working, thankfully it’s a short trip home and the oils were on hand. I let her scream and cry it out for a good half an hour (whilst deep breathing and remembering something Vanessa Jean had said earlier ” This too shall pass “), then it was a matter of asking her several times to put the oils on in this case it was diluted Women’s Monthly Blend (aka Werewolf Blend) and then a roller of Grounding Blend, Lavender and Wild Orange with fco. Her other go to oil for when she feels upset or anxious is Lavender (1 drop on the roof of her mouth).

Honestly it is so amazing to see how these oils support us both physically and emotionally.

Within minutes I had a calm child, yes she was still sad but she was at least able to be reasoned with.

What are your go to blends for meltdowns (yours or the kids)?



Mumma K xo

Girls and their bling……

It’s safe to say that my girls and I all love our oils for a variety of reasons. I love to diffuse mine (I have a diffuser in my bedroom and the girls room going most of the day and night), I also love to aromatically dress in my oils, or at night I will run a bath and just soak after adding my sleepy oils.

My girls also have developed a love of oils, especially Miss G she is currently  working towards the Intro Kit featuring Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint. The girls are constantly asking for rollers to be made for them, they also now have lava pendants on which they put a few drops of their favourite blend.

Lava jewellery is a great way to wear your oils each day, I personally wear my bracelet each day and when going out I wear a long necklace.



How do you like to wear your essential oils?



Mumma K xo