Time out…………….

Taking time out for oneself, what does that really mean????

Last year I got sick, it started with just a cold, fast forward three months and I was finally able to hear again (as a Mumma this is both a blessing and a curse), my sinuses were clearing and the chest was clear. What scared me the most was when my GP (yes I still use Western medicine in conjunction with my oils) told me  that she wanted to admit me to hospital – umm sorry but I’m a single Mumma of four girls, so that wasn’t going to happen. It’s at this point I realised I needed to start making time for me too. Since I had become a single mumma when my youngest was 10 weeks old, it had always been about the girls and their needs/wants.

As a parent, it is instinct to always protect and put the needs of your children before everything else. I used to think it was selfish to do anything just for me when I had the girls to take care of.  I now know that it’s important to take care of my needs too, whether that be just taking time to reconnect with friends, taking up a hobby or even just giving myself 10 minutes on my own each day.

Now I hear you ask how do I get 10 minutes to myself each day, when there is a mountain of chores to be done?

The best way I found to get 10 minutes to myself is to run a bath, I add my favourite oils in and a handful of epsom salts before climbing in, I’m lucky my girls now know that when I’m in the bath it’s my time and that unless the house is on fire or someone is injured we don’t interrupt Mumma. The best thing about the bath is that with the oils I can relax, close my eyes and soak away the tension. Depending on the day I might add the Calming Blend, Grounding Blend, Spa Blend or if I’m feeling really worked up I’ll add some Vetiver. I have to admit though I probably spend longer than 10 minutes soaking.

My other favourite way to get some me time is with the Verage range. Up until recently I never had a skin care routine that I stuck to, I would use moisturisers in frequently and as for toning yeah I don’t think I’ve used one since I was a teen. But with a significant birthday approaching as the girls like to remind me frequently, my skin was starting to look old and weathered and lets not mention the lines and crevices on my face that would put the Grand Canyon to shame. I had been using the Salubelle blend on my face and noticed that the lines were not as deep anymore, so I decided to order the Verage kit (cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser) on my monthly order. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I love the way it feels on my skin and it feels good to just spend some time doing something just for me.

The other thing I was introduced to was meditation, I’d mentioned to one of the girls dance teachers (she is doing her masters in psychology) that I was struggling with behaviours, she suggested that I download a free app called Smiling Minds. It is fantastic it has a range of meditations depending on age and time. I’ve since put it on the girls phone so they can use when they wish to.

So whether it’s taking up a new hobby, completing study (I’ve recently gone back to study), exercise or meditation whatever it is remember to take time for you.


One of my favourite places to just go and take it all in


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