Taking things for granted……….

In a world that moves so quickly it is easy to take things for granted, I know I am guilty of this.

I can find myself wishing my girls wouldn’t be so expressive (I’m talking the drawing on the walls etc), yet I should really be embracing their creativity and giving them more paper, but at the end of the day they won’t always be here, under my feet arguing with each other. There will come a time when they move away from the nest and start their own journey and family. So whilst I may still get frustrated, I am taking the time to appreciate the joy and experiences they bring. As I am writing this Miss E has crashed on the couch, but not before she pulled the clean washing apart to make blankets for her teddies, I could honestly watch her sleep for hours, she is so still, peaceful.

It’s not only people we can take for granted, but our surroundings. I’ve lived in my house for over 16 years now and I pass the same paddocks a couple of times a day, each time thinking I must take a photo. Well the other day after coming home from a workshop that I was asked to run for my amazing mentor, I was driving past the paddocks the sun was getting lower and all the cattle were up by the fence, close to the road. I turned around parked up (I should’ve avoided the ants nests), grabbed my phone and approached the fence. Whilst the world buzzed by, I was lost for 5 minutes I relaxed in the company of this magnificent beast. As these paddocks are set to be sub-divided into small housing lots I know I have to not take these moments for granted.



I wanted to search for a blend that embodied the feeling of ” Counting my Blessings ”

As usual I found inspiration on the Food Alchemy page. This beautiful blend has been diffusing happily for the past 2 days.


What do you take for granted?


Mumma K x


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