Hormone Help………….

There is a lot going on in my life right now, no different to anyone else I am sure. This year I vowed I would start making some changes (nothing drastic), just small changes to the way I look at my health and body. It could be that turning the big 40 this year helped with the inspiration.

I started the year off by adding our metabolic blend to my water daily, it’s amazing how much that alone has helped with my sugar cravings, to change it up a bit I’ve also invested in a Soda Stream but instead of using the syrups we are just adding a drop of essential oil, my favourite at the moment is Lime, it also works well with Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit.

I’ve also started adding MACA powder to my baking, I did try drinking it with water this morning and whilst it wasn’t bad I think it would be better in a smoothie.

Probably the biggest change is taking care of my hormones and giving them support (lets face it, in a house with 5 females the hormones can be a little crazy). Kerry Harper from This Mothers Real has a great blend for a hormone support.



Not only does this blend smell amazing, my skin feels nourished but I felt so calm and relaxed after. Aromatically dressing is a great way to reconnect with your body, so often we rush to hide our bodies in shame, I find by aromatically dressing not only do I get the benefits of the oils but deep down I become more at peace with the way my body looks from the stretch marks and jelly belly that nutured four amazing girls to my short legs that aim to keep me grounded to my boobs (my favourite part of my body). As the girls get older and start aromatically dressing I believe it will help them have a positive and loving relationship with their bodies without the body shame we see so much in media. Vanessa Jean from Food Alchemy does a fantastic video on Aromatic Dressing .

If you would like to get these oils in your life then please use the contact form.


Mumma K x



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