When a fairy gives you a kick up the butt…..

A little while ago an event was announced that had a speaker on the line up I was dying (not literally) to see. Before I had a chance to book my own fairy godmother had sent me a message to say that – I was going and she would look after my girls.

Fast forward to yesterday…….

The line up was fantastic we had Michelle Wragg, Kirsten Thrush the team from Journey to Great (seriously go and check out there page on Facebook, I’m already planning on getting to a few of their classes), Darryl Cooke, Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens (from Food Alchemy) and the fairy queen herself Jessie Reimers.

I took so much away from all the speakers but it was Jessie who struck a chord with me, perhaps it was the way the message was delivered or perhaps it was because like myself Jessie was a single mum and has struggled with self belief.

My biggest takeaways from Jessie were ” Get over yourself and share the oils ” and ” Procrastination is not laziness, it is fear ”

If you are umming and ahhing about getting to an event like this, I highly recommend it, not everyone may resonate with you, but those that do will do so in a big way.

I’m off to do some work on my self believe and map a plan of what I want to achieve. My why is sorted – it is and always will be my girls but even that can use some definition. Jessie recorded her session yesterday so head on over to her Facebook page to check it out.
Mumma K xo


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