Those WOW moments………..

A year after I was introduced to doTERRA, I still experience those wow moments………

At 3am this morning I woke with the worst stomach cramps, the monthly curse or whatever you want to call it I felt like my ovaries were going to explode the pain was intense (my pain threshold isn’t high), radiating all the way to my lower back. I eventually got up and applied the Women’s Monthly Blend to my tummy and back – finally relief.

45 minutes later and my youngest child woke crying -she had been stung by a bee and scraped her knee a quick rummage through my girls first aid kit saw me applying Lavender to her foot and spine, Owie Blend (Lavender, Tea Tree and Fractionated Coconut Oil) applied to her knee – a pat on her back and stroking her hair for 5 minutes she rolled over and went to sleep.

Now since I have had 4 hours sleep (I don’t cope well with no sleep – in fact I’m down right grumpy). I will have a coffee today, but what I will also do is use my oils to keep me alert and focused – in particular Peppermint and some citrus blends to keep me uplifted.


What has been your WOW moment when using essential oils?




Mumma K xo


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