Mumma’s, Multi-tasking and Motivation……..

Yesterday I caught up with two of my Mumma friends to chat about oils, make plans and set goals………..

Over cups of coffee and vegemite toast we collaborated and motivated each other not just about plans for sharing our love for the oils, but how we could use them more in our everyday life. It began with our beautiful Comforting Blend in the diffuser to provide some extra support, then opening and discussing different oils. For me  personally I was excited to smell Tangerine and Cumin (both available in the Summer Scents kit), Tangerine was so light and refreshing and reminded me of warm summer nights, whilst Cumin was so powerful it brought memories of a very dear Indian lady Mumma P who I used to work with and made the most amazing food, I was immediately transported back to all the delights she would cook for me (especially when I was pregnant with my last baby). As we opened the different oils each one of us mentioned how we were or could be using it, making them extremely versatile.

As we discussed workshops we wanted to run, we discussed what would need to happen for that to occur – I needed to not only de-clutter my house but my mind, I need to let go of things that no longer serve me. With that in mind today my printer is running overtime whilst the washing machine does its thing, the diffuser is pumping out the absolutely divine Encouraging Blend. I now have a clear goal of what I want to achieve and what it is going to take to get there.


 Encouraging Blend


What are you goals? How are you going to make it happen?


Mumma K xo



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