Halloween and the mother of all meltdowns……………

It’s Halloween and my eldest had been invited to go Trick or Treating with friends, for several reasons she wasn’t allowed to go, she was aware of this before I picked her up from school this afternoon, yet she still tried to convince me to let her go and when she was told no…………… Let’s just say I honestly wished the ground would just open up and swallow me whole, there was hysterical crying.

No amount of explaining was working, thankfully it’s a short trip home and the oils were on hand. I let her scream and cry it out for a good half an hour (whilst deep breathing and remembering something Vanessa Jean had said earlier ” This too shall pass “), then it was a matter of asking her several times to put the oils on in this case it was diluted Women’s Monthly Blend (aka Werewolf Blend) and then a roller of Grounding Blend, Lavender and Wild Orange with fco. Her other go to oil for when she feels upset or anxious is Lavender (1 drop on the roof of her mouth).

Honestly it is so amazing to see how these oils support us both physically and emotionally.

Within minutes I had a calm child, yes she was still sad but she was at least able to be reasoned with.

What are your go to blends for meltdowns (yours or the kids)?



Mumma K xo


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