Girls and their bling……

It’s safe to say that my girls and I all love our oils for a variety of reasons. I love to diffuse mine (I have a diffuser in my bedroom and the girls room going most of the day and night), I also love to aromatically dress in my oils, or at night I will run a bath and just soak after adding my sleepy oils.

My girls also have developed a love of oils, especially Miss G she is currently  working towards the Intro Kit featuring Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint. The girls are constantly asking for rollers to be made for them, they also now have lava pendants on which they put a few drops of their favourite blend.

Lava jewellery is a great way to wear your oils each day, I personally wear my bracelet each day and when going out I wear a long necklace.



How do you like to wear your essential oils?



Mumma K xo









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