Girls and their bling……

It’s safe to say that my girls and I all love our oils for a variety of reasons. I love to diffuse mine (I have a diffuser in my bedroom and the girls room going most of the day and night), I also love to aromatically dress in my oils, or at night I will run a bath and just soak after adding my sleepy oils.

My girls also have developed a love of oils, especially Miss G she is currently  working towards the Intro Kit featuring Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint. The girls are constantly asking for rollers to be made for them, they also now have lava pendants on which they put a few drops of their favourite blend.

Lava jewellery is a great way to wear your oils each day, I personally wear my bracelet each day and when going out I wear a long necklace.



How do you like to wear your essential oils?



Mumma K xo









When your mum says she is going to whack you……………..

Recently  the girls and I headed down south to visit my mum, I was still feeling under the weather and was in desperate need of some R&R.

As usual I took all my oils and my Aroma Move (a birthday present to myself) which was a great idea, being able to diffuse on the way there was a godsend, also having the oils in reach meant the girls could apply the Grounding Blend when they started to get a bit carried away.

When we finally arrived Mum had this enormous sore on her lip (I swore it was a Cold Sore, she swears it wasn’t), Mum has this habit of picking at things (I do too, it must be genetic) and it started to bleed. I asked the girls to get the Melaleuca (Tea Tree) out for me so Mum could put some on, now my Mum has used oils in the past but she hasn’t used doTERRA Tea Tree. Whilst standing with a hair brush in one hand and after been given instructions to put a drop on her finger and then straight on her lip, Mum announces that if it so much as stings she is going to whack me with a hair brush…………………………….

I know how good these oils are and so do my girls, but even I took a step away from my mum as she did as she was told (that was rare in itself – another trait I have of hers), after putting it on she was suprised it didn’t sting one bit……… Woohoo mum wasn’t going to whack me after all.

Next up was to get her to put some Frankincense on the roof of her mouth (soft palette) the King of Oils to support cellular function. I know it’s good for me I just need to get myself in the habit of doing it daily rather than when I remember.

Needless to say I think my mum is going to be receiving oils for Christmas, the only decision will be which ones.