Mumma Envy……….

I’ve always been envious of those mum’s that seem to have it all together, those mum’s that can whip up cakes that look like they are straight out of a magazine, those mum’s that have no problems sewing a costume for Book Week or dance concert, that have a organised house.

My baking skills are limited clearly I should have paid more attention in Home Economics and as for sewing I vaguely remember making a pair of shorts in high school that had one leg skinnier than the other. Personally I’d rather be making memories than fussing over scribble  on the walls or now the ceiling.

Recently our school combined Book Week with our Learning journey, the theme was Australia – easier said than done.

My eldest daughter went as a Isaballerina from the book her dance teacher wrote, Miss R went as Angelina Ballerina (not Australian I know, but not worth the massive meltdown that would’ve occured) and Miss G went as a gumnut baby. This costume was the most time consuming as we did not  already have it in the treasure of old dance costumes, so this Mumma thought she would make it ( I don’t even own a sewing machine for pity’s sake ) $60 worth of materials later and I was right to go. The idea was to make a shower cap type thing in green fabric and put tulle around it to act as the blossom and then to make a tulle tutu. With the assistance of oils  in the diffuser and then some applied on my wrists I was able to stay focused and complete the task (even if I was still assembling at 8am the day of the parade)


This heavenly combination kept me focused


I added Rosemary, Lemon, Lime and Wild Orange to the diffuser and can I just say the smell was devine. I applied Grounding Blend to my wrists when I needed it and the Focus Blend  on the back of my neck.

I absolutely love the benefits of these oils and their versatility, from just the smell to uplift my mood, to giving extra flavour  to my cooking, to assisting in my everyday wellness.

If you would like to find out how you can get your hands on these awesome  oils  just complete the contact form and I’d be  happy  to help you out.



Mumma K xo




The Oil Nurse……….

I have been trying to get to a Spirited Children’s Workshop by Nat, The Oil Nurse for sometime, yesterday I finally got my chance when I took my youngest with me to experience the lovely pearls of wisdom and experience that Nat brings to her workshop.

Let me say first and foremost what I loved most was that Nat is totally down to earth, she calls a spade a spade, Nat reminds me of some of my best girlfriends they all can be blunt but have the most pure of hearts and intentions.

So why did I go??? Well as a single mumma of four girls (who I have raised to be strong and independent) I felt it was a workshop that would really benefit us as a family exploring the oils and how they work for us. My girls have been through a lot in the last couple of years, combined with 5 females in the house, all with very different personalities and patience levels life was starting to get interesting and at times this mumma felt she was going nuts. I wanted to empower the girls to make their own choices (with guidance in relation to safety).

There were cute names to help remember how to apply the oils, which reminds me of the scenes from Karate Kid ” Wax on, Wax off” in all seriousness though once explained it made perfect sense in the morning we needed to wake the body up and in the evening we want the body to shut down, we also wanted to remind the brain there is 2 sides and that they must interact.

One of the things that Nat suggests is letting your children use the oils, children have an amazing intuition of what they need. I often do this with Miss G as she has shown the most interest in the oils, she will pick out a blend for the diffuser in her room I will often think WTF? but then when I read about the emotions these oils are supporting it makes perfect sense. Last night I did it with Miss B the first oil she picked out of the box was the monthly womens blend (in our house this is referred to as the Werewolf oil), now Miss B is only 9 but is going through some changes I love the fact that she knows her body well enough to know when she needs to apply this one, this particular oil is the one oil that she reminds me every month we need to have.

Attending the workshop was a fantastic opportunity to hear about Nat’s experiences and also gain access to some of her recipe blends not only for our Spirited Children but their Spirited Mumma’s as well.

I am looking forward to the next workshop and will be trying a few of these blends out to see which works well for us.

You can find out more about Nat’s workshops at The Oil Nurse



Mumma K xo