All in a day’s work…………..

Lately I  have been unmotivated, overwhelmed and highly strung to say the least. There has been so much going on in mine and the girls life I was honestly starting to wonder when I would get a break….

I had these beautiful oils but I wasn’t really using them, what I mean is I was diffusing them, but I wasn’t really getting the most out of them. So I set off on a search for some basic recipes.

First stop was a bathroom cleaner – I’m not one to buy cleaners, I think my Nan put me off she has an amazing collection and has now gone back to basics.


Nan’s old cleaning supplies


I found a recipe that called for very few ingredients just vinegar, water and Essential Oils I chose Lemon, Tea Tree, Protecting Blend and Clove Oil. Just spray leave for half an hour, scrub and rinse. I hate cleaning yet I found this so easy to do and let’s not forget the cost savings.

A days work


I’ll pop the recipes up for all the additional products soon.

After I’ve cleaned the bathroom again (gastro has hit argh)

What are your favourite recipes?


Mumma K xo