Letting go……

Today I face the task of sorting, cleaning, letting go…

Today is all about releasing things that no longer serve a purpose in our life. I am faced with the challenge of de-cluttering, it started with the girls clothes (personally ‘m sick of the amountĀ  of washing), honestly I didn’t realise how much they had until I started going through them all. Our local charity will be happy as I fill yet another bag. Next up is all the excess Tupperware (my friends will love me as I do this and gift it on).

However the mere thought was overwhelming I mean where to start…… Thankfully I have essential oils in my life. I’ve placed a drop of Lavender on my temple, behind both ears and along my jawline. In the diffuser is a blend of Lemongrass, Refreshing blend and Wild Orange.



What are you letting go of today?


Mumma KĀ  xo