The best friend a girl could have……..

Before I tell you about todays blend, I want to tell you the inspiration behind it.

Tonight the girls and I are having dinner (like we do every second Monday) with the best friend a girl could ask for. But what makes him so special I hear you wonder…….

We met funnily enough on an online dating site, we started chatting and he just got me, our conversations flowed however I made the decision to date a farmer and whilst I did that for a few months, my friend and I continued to chat, he continued to ask me to have coffee with him, so when I and the farmer stopped dating it seemed only natural to finally meet this man who had seen me through so many storms. I think I made him wait over 7 months just to meet me for a coffee (he is extremely patient). Since that coffee we have been the best of friends, he has seen me at my worst and still wants to be in mine and the girls life.

There are so many qualities that make him special, it’s the hugs that you just melt into, it’s the random I brought you coffee because you said you were tired,it’s the I’ll drive home after a concert so you can enjoy a night out, it’s the offers to help with maintenance,it’s the bond he shares with my girls (it’s a fight who gets a hug first and more often than not I am pushed off the couch so they can have cuddles), it’s the daily chats we have about the most random things, it’s the wacky sense of humour, it’s the way he has embraced my love of oils and is willing to try whatever I give him.


Todays blend consists of Comforting Blend (because his hugs just provide so much comfort), Wild Orange (because we love him in abundance) and Frankincense the King of Oils (because he is the King of his domain and a fantastic role model for the girls and his own children).



Enjoy the warmest of hugs from those you love.



Mumma K  xo


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