Which blend will we diffuse today?

The blends or single oils we choose each day is a personal one, some days it might be a blend that supports our immunity, other days it might be a blend that gets us up and going and then there are days when we are drawn to oils and we have know idea why.

I recently purchased a couple of books “Essentials of the Earth” and “Emotions & Essential Oils” to refer to when I find myself asking why? Why is Miss G so drawn to Peppermint? Why do I find myself being drawn to Patchouli and Clove or blends that feature them? It’s at this point I consult my books and there are days when it like a light bulb going off. For years I was in a relationship that made me  ashamed of my body (I’m a big girl) and whilst I told everyone I was happy with my body, deep down I was tired of being judged. When I looked up Patchouli in my book I discovered it is “The Oil of Physicality” and when I wear it or a blend with it, I feel confident, sexy and I am no longer ashamed of my body – after all my body is just a shell that contains the awesomeness that is me! With these blends I usually aromatically dress in them or wear on a piece of Lava stone jewellery that acts as my own personal diffuser.

For blends that I diffuse in the house particularly the living room as that is where we tend to all congregate, I look for blends that fill a need. For example  this morning I was up at 4:30am (I am not a morning person without copious amounts of coffee) because 2 of my beautiful children had decided my bed was much better than theirs. After a quick shower I knew I was going to need something to get me going this morning and that would also start the girls off right when they get up in a few hours time. So I referred to a wonderful website by the lovely Vanessa Jean and it was there I discovered the following blend


Whilst I will still require a coffee or two, I am happy to say I already feel motivated for the day as I start to prepare my task list for today.


Mumma K  x



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