The best friend a girl could have……..

Before I tell you about todays blend, I want to tell you the inspiration behind it.

Tonight the girls and I are having dinner (like we do every second Monday) with the best friend a girl could ask for. But what makes him so special I hear you wonder…….

We met funnily enough on an online dating site, we started chatting and he just got me, our conversations flowed however I made the decision to date a farmer and whilst I did that for a few months, my friend and I continued to chat, he continued to ask me to have coffee with him, so when I and the farmer stopped dating it seemed only natural to finally meet this man who had seen me through so many storms. I think I made him wait over 7 months just to meet me for a coffee (he is extremely patient). Since that coffee we have been the best of friends, he has seen me at my worst and still wants to be in mine and the girls life.

There are so many qualities that make him special, it’s the hugs that you just melt into, it’s the random I brought you coffee because you said you were tired,it’s the I’ll drive home after a concert so you can enjoy a night out, it’s the offers to help with maintenance,it’s the bond he shares with my girls (it’s a fight who gets a hug first and more often than not I am pushed off the couch so they can have cuddles), it’s the daily chats we have about the most random things, it’s the wacky sense of humour, it’s the way he has embraced my love of oils and is willing to try whatever I give him.


Todays blend consists of Comforting Blend (because his hugs just provide so much comfort), Wild Orange (because we love him in abundance) and Frankincense the King of Oils (because he is the King of his domain and a fantastic role model for the girls and his own children).



Enjoy the warmest of hugs from those you love.



Mumma K  xo


Wintery cuddles……

After yesterdays storm and the tidal wave of tears, today I decided I needed a warm hug, you know the ones that you just melt into and stay taking in the scent, the heartbeat and the strength of the persons arms wrapped around you.

However my babies are at their dads today and it’s way too early for my best mate to be out of bed otherwise I would have knocked on the door with coffee in hand just to get one of his hugs, it’s also a few hours before a family lunch at the pub so I am letting the warm aromas wrap their arms around me.



The aroma of cinnamon and vanilla from the Holiday blend is delightful mixed with the  scent of geranium and wild orange (these two are fast becoming favourites), now all I need is a book and a roaring fire.


Mumma K xo

Rain on my parade……….

I don’t know whether it is the weather or just recent events, but this morning as water poured into my room I felt the sting of warm tears running down my face.

I was feeling betrayed and hurt, as I struggle to finish the half done jobs my ex started whilst knowing that he renovated the woman he left me for home. I had told myself that the girls and I were better off, yet here I was struggling with a tide of emotions and not ones I like to feel, I then realised it was ok to be angry.

Today’s blend is inspired by Betrayal and releasing its negative hold. As the delightful aroma fills the room, I find myself feeling lighter and even with the girls all fighting I know it’s going to be ok and I can get through this because….






Calming Blend, Geranium, Wild Orange

Calming Blend – The oil of forgiveness

Geranium – The oil of love & trust

Wild Orange – The oil of abundance


Rug up, stay warm we will be as we wait for the men and women in orange (SES) to come lend a hand.



Mumma K x

Feeling the love

I am definitely feeling the love lately and I don’t mean the love of that first kiss and tender touch of your partner (you know the one that causes the heartbeat to quicken), I am feeling the love of several friends who have helped myself and my girls through some difficult and emotional times and for that I am grateful.

Today as I put together a bed I was gifted for my girls I am diffusing this delightful blend


Sandalwood – The oil of Sacred Devotion
Grapefruit – The oil of Honouring the Body
Lime – The oil of Zest for Life
Wild Orange – The oil of Abundance


What are you grateful for today?


Mumma K  x


Daily bug spray for hair

These creepy crawlies that invaded Miss G hair have had me in an oily frenzy, not only is all the bed linen being washed, mattresses cleaned but now I have made a spray to use each day on the girls hair.

Enter pinterest (I love this for a source of inspiration).


The recipe (below) called for a 100ml spray bottle I only had a 30ml so adjusted accordingly.

10 drops of Rosemary, 10 drops of Lavender, I also added a couple of drops of Geranium, top with water.

I spray this on the girls hair before school and after school each day and whilst it’s too early to say how well it works I am loving the smell of their hair.


Mumma K  x

Mattress Spring Cleaning

Ok not exactly spring cleaning, but whilst I was researching how to get rid off the nasty headlice, I discovered that not only should we rotate our mattresses but they also need regular cleaning.



1 cup of baking soda, 4-5 drops of essential oil – I used the Protective Blend, Eucalyptus and Lavender (I also used 2 cups of baking soda). Pop it into a jar, I had pre-drilled little holes in the metal lid.

Sprinkle over the mattress and leave for 2 hours before vacuuming up. This leave the mattress fresh and clean.

I love that this recipe is so easy to do and I can leave the jar in my laundry and use when changing the sheets.


Happy Cleaning,


Mumma K x

Creepy Crawlies and why this Mumma hates them…..

Miss G was scratching at her head yesterday on the way back from Mother’s Day at Nannas, the poor love scratched so much her hair was a mass of knots and she had scratch marks on her neck.

Sure enough on closer inspection Mumma found one egg and one live adult, over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars on the commercial products (my girls all have long thick hair), today I tried something different.


10 drops Eucalyptus, 5 drops Lemon, 5 drops Lavender, 10 drops Melaleuca, 5 drops drops Geranium top up with Fractionated Coconut Oil. I used a spray bottle and applied to the scalp and roots. I then sprayed the rest of the hair and tied in a bun and left it for a few hours.

I am happy to say this blend has worked a treat, much better than the commercial products I have previously tried. After combing out the hair it was just a matter of shampooing and conditioning.

I am also cleaning the bedding, but that is a whole other post.



Mumma K  x


Which blend will we diffuse today?

The blends or single oils we choose each day is a personal one, some days it might be a blend that supports our immunity, other days it might be a blend that gets us up and going and then there are days when we are drawn to oils and we have know idea why.

I recently purchased a couple of books “Essentials of the Earth” and “Emotions & Essential Oils” to refer to when I find myself asking why? Why is Miss G so drawn to Peppermint? Why do I find myself being drawn to Patchouli and Clove or blends that feature them? It’s at this point I consult my books and there are days when it like a light bulb going off. For years I was in a relationship that made me  ashamed of my body (I’m a big girl) and whilst I told everyone I was happy with my body, deep down I was tired of being judged. When I looked up Patchouli in my book I discovered it is “The Oil of Physicality” and when I wear it or a blend with it, I feel confident, sexy and I am no longer ashamed of my body – after all my body is just a shell that contains the awesomeness that is me! With these blends I usually aromatically dress in them or wear on a piece of Lava stone jewellery that acts as my own personal diffuser.

For blends that I diffuse in the house particularly the living room as that is where we tend to all congregate, I look for blends that fill a need. For example  this morning I was up at 4:30am (I am not a morning person without copious amounts of coffee) because 2 of my beautiful children had decided my bed was much better than theirs. After a quick shower I knew I was going to need something to get me going this morning and that would also start the girls off right when they get up in a few hours time. So I referred to a wonderful website by the lovely Vanessa Jean and it was there I discovered the following blend


Whilst I will still require a coffee or two, I am happy to say I already feel motivated for the day as I start to prepare my task list for today.


Mumma K  x