Washing is fun…….. almost

As a mum of four girls, I feel like I spend the majority either washing or re-washing clothes ( I am notoriously bad at forgetting to take the washing out of the machine ), now this can be an expensive bad habit as laundry detergent isn’t cheap these days – well until now.

Introducing my favourite kind of nuts………….. I seriously love these nuts (Soap nuts).

I buy them in bulk from the Wasteless Pantry in Mundaring it is around $38.00/kg (now this sounds like a lot I know but it’s not) .


All you need is 4 of these cracked open and placed into either a small calico bag or an odd sock (this is a great way to use up all those odd socks). I add a couple of drops of my favourite essential oils and put in with my washing. These nuts will do between 4-6 loads of washing just adding oils each time which is great because I get to change depending on the load and my mood.




Time to put another load on..


Mumma K  x





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