Clay Air Fresheners

The girls had been nagging me to do some craft with them and to be  honest I wanted to try and make some  clay air fresheners. My idea  was to make  little  discs that I could thread ribbon through once dry and then put a few drops of oil on, I thought I could use them in my car instead of the commercial ones.


Only the 3 eldest girls wanted to join in the fun, so whilst they made clay cookies and a dish, I set about making my discs.

First I rolled a small amount  of clay in my hands until a ball shape had formed and then I used a skewer to poke a hole in the middle, I made sure to skewer from both sides so there were no rough edges. I made several different sizes and then made a couple of flatter discs again with a hole to thread ribbon through.

I gave all the artwork a quick spray with water and then covered the tray with a plastic bag in the hope of stopping the air dry clay from cracking as it dries.


Whilst I am no artist, I love that they are practical and allow me to change the aroma depending on my mood.


Mumma K  x



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