Some much needed sleep

I can’t remember the last time I had a decent nights sleep, I mean I’ve slept but it hasn’t been that deep restful sleep for quite some time. It could be stress, it could be the copious amounts of coffee I drink to keep me going during the day who really knows.

Last night after chatting to my bestie at some ungodly hour the day before about her little miss that doesn’t sleep I started doing some research about sleep blends and looking for inspiration.

There were a couple of oils that kept  coming up, the obvious one Lavender, then Vetiver and Juniper Berry. Marjoram and Cedarwood were also highly recommended however as I don’t have Marjoram (yet) I couldn’t test that one.

So after the kids were relaxing I decided to run a bath, what better way to relax than to soak in a bath either with candlelight and relaxing music or just the sound of your own breath. I chose silence.

I grabbed the Lavender, Juniper Berry and decided to add some Wild Orange (because this oil always takes me to a happy place) I added a couple of drops to some Vitamin E oil and mixed.

After half an hour the water was starting to get a little cool and I was starting to relax to the point of wanting to go to bed it was time to get out put on the comfy pj’s and slip into a deep slumber. I am so happy that I tried that blend as it really did help me sleep.

I think I will be adding those oils to my nightly routine. What are some of your favourite oils to aide in a restful sleep?



Mumma K  x


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