Toilet Bombs

I hate cleaning the toilet – so anything that can clean it without me using a brush is like winning the lottery. I searched Pinterest and came across a recipe and decided to give  it a try.

The recipe is as follows

1 1/3 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

20 drops Lemon

20 drops Protective Blend

10 drops  Eucalyptus


Combine baking soda and citric acid together. Add oils and continue to stir. Lightly spray with water – place in moulds. I used my Tupperware ice cube trays. Allow to dry overnight. Store in a glass jar.

Add 1 toilet bomb to the  toilet bowl and allow  to dissolve.



This recipe  worked a treat, so much so I made some as a gift for my bachelor friends. I would love to hear how  you found it.


Mumma K x


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