Washing is fun…….. almost

As a mum of four girls, I feel like I spend the majority either washing or re-washing clothes ( I am notoriously bad at forgetting to take the washing out of the machine ), now this can be an expensive bad habit as laundry detergent isn’t cheap these days – well until now.

Introducing my favourite kind of nuts………….. I seriously love these nuts (Soap nuts).

I buy them in bulk from the Wasteless Pantry in Mundaring it is around $38.00/kg (now this sounds like a lot I know but it’s not) .


All you need is 4 of these cracked open and placed into either a small calico bag or an odd sock (this is a great way to use up all those odd socks). I add a couple of drops of my favourite essential oils and put in with my washing. These nuts will do between 4-6 loads of washing just adding oils each time which is great because I get to change depending on the load and my mood.




Time to put another load on..


Mumma K  x





Clay Air Fresheners

The girls had been nagging me to do some craft with them and to be  honest I wanted to try and make some  clay air fresheners. My idea  was to make  little  discs that I could thread ribbon through once dry and then put a few drops of oil on, I thought I could use them in my car instead of the commercial ones.


Only the 3 eldest girls wanted to join in the fun, so whilst they made clay cookies and a dish, I set about making my discs.

First I rolled a small amount  of clay in my hands until a ball shape had formed and then I used a skewer to poke a hole in the middle, I made sure to skewer from both sides so there were no rough edges. I made several different sizes and then made a couple of flatter discs again with a hole to thread ribbon through.

I gave all the artwork a quick spray with water and then covered the tray with a plastic bag in the hope of stopping the air dry clay from cracking as it dries.


Whilst I am no artist, I love that they are practical and allow me to change the aroma depending on my mood.


Mumma K  x


Some much needed sleep

I can’t remember the last time I had a decent nights sleep, I mean I’ve slept but it hasn’t been that deep restful sleep for quite some time. It could be stress, it could be the copious amounts of coffee I drink to keep me going during the day who really knows.

Last night after chatting to my bestie at some ungodly hour the day before about her little miss that doesn’t sleep I started doing some research about sleep blends and looking for inspiration.

There were a couple of oils that kept  coming up, the obvious one Lavender, then Vetiver and Juniper Berry. Marjoram and Cedarwood were also highly recommended however as I don’t have Marjoram (yet) I couldn’t test that one.

So after the kids were relaxing I decided to run a bath, what better way to relax than to soak in a bath either with candlelight and relaxing music or just the sound of your own breath. I chose silence.

I grabbed the Lavender, Juniper Berry and decided to add some Wild Orange (because this oil always takes me to a happy place) I added a couple of drops to some Vitamin E oil and mixed.

After half an hour the water was starting to get a little cool and I was starting to relax to the point of wanting to go to bed it was time to get out put on the comfy pj’s and slip into a deep slumber. I am so happy that I tried that blend as it really did help me sleep.

I think I will be adding those oils to my nightly routine. What are some of your favourite oils to aide in a restful sleep?



Mumma K  x

Dryer Balls

As the cooler weather approaches I find I am using my dryer more and more, and after replacing my laundry detergent  with soap nuts I wanted to replace  my dryer sheets.

After some investigating on google I found I could buy them for around $33.00 for 3, now as a mum on a budget that wasn’t really feasible. Pinterest to rescue I found the solution.

Lucky for me  I had a voucher to use at my local spotlight store. I purchased 6 balls of wool in different colours each ball cost approximately $3.50 and made a tennis size ball. Once each ball was wound I placed it into a stocking (as a dance mum I have heaps of old stocking just waiting for a new use).



I don’t  normally wash my clothes in hot water so I decided to hand wash in hot water with soap nuts, rinse in cold and dry on hot. 2 of the 6 balls felted really well the first time, whilst the other 4  took a few extra washes and dries.

To give my clothes a fresher smell I add a few drops of essential oils to each ball before I put in the dryer. The great think about these is I can choose whatever oil my heart desires (or I have on hand) to freshen up the clothes, a few of my favourites are  lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and refreshing blend.



Now to find some easier ways to clean the  house.


Mumma K  x

Winter Bomb

School holidays and the onset of cooler weather has also meant the onset  of the dreaded sniffles and Miss E has developed a lovely green nose. Luckily for me my delivery of oils just happened to be today and the girls left me alone for a few minutes to make up a roller blend.


I have used a 10ml roller for this one.

I have left the number of drops out of this one as it depends on the dilution rate required.

I added Oregano, Protective Blend, Lemon, Melaleuca and Frankincense and then topped up with Fractionated Coconut Oil. I will roll this on the girls feet, spine, base of throat and along their  ear bones 2-3 x daily for 2-3 days, then I will then make another roller up omitting the Oregano and adding Lavender to the mix.

I get my cute little labels from The Natural Oil Company, they have blank ones for  you to write  on to.


Mumma K   x


Toilet Bombs

I hate cleaning the toilet – so anything that can clean it without me using a brush is like winning the lottery. I searched Pinterest and came across a recipe and decided to give  it a try.

The recipe is as follows

1 1/3 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

20 drops Lemon

20 drops Protective Blend

10 drops  Eucalyptus


Combine baking soda and citric acid together. Add oils and continue to stir. Lightly spray with water – place in moulds. I used my Tupperware ice cube trays. Allow to dry overnight. Store in a glass jar.

Add 1 toilet bomb to the  toilet bowl and allow  to dissolve.



This recipe  worked a treat, so much so I made some as a gift for my bachelor friends. I would love to hear how  you found it.


Mumma K x